Research Chair in Philosophy at the Hospital

Since January 2016, the Research Chair in Philosophy at the hospital has expanded its scope, working with various hospital and care facilities, and is currently working with the GHT-Paris, Psychiatry and Neurosciences (Sainte-Anne, Maison Blanche, Perray-Vaucluse). It is part of an even broader programme of research, teaching and experimentation, as it also includes the Université des patients (Patients’ University) (founded and directed by Professor Catherine Tourette-Turgis, from the Sorbonne University and La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital), as well as different modules and sites, including the ambitious undertaking of the first patient-run hospital. The POC (proof of concept/experiments, see “Vers l’hôpital des patients (Towards a patients’ hospital) and the research we are conducting with various stakeholders in health care provide some initial results…


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