Introduction to philosophy in the hospital - Year 1

26 January 2016 / Cynthia Fleury and Frédéric Worms

Introduction to the concepts:
  • I The existential question?
    The question of the sick subject. The holistic and qualitative conception of illness (Canguilhem): a contradiction with the institution of the hospital
  • II A philosophy of the hospital?
    The patient, the nurse, the doctor, the caregiver, the para-caregiver: roles, status, and function?
    The hospital as Hospitality and “a commons” vs. the hospital as an organisational and managerial structure.
  • III A political problem?
    What should be done about the following legacies? What can be said about them, what can be imagined next? Foucault? Deleuze and Guattari? Oury (La Borde) ? Basaglia (The institution denied) ? Laing (anti-psychiatry) ? Critical Theory (from Adorno to Honneth). These different chapters will be developed in the following sessions.
Canguilhem, Le Normal et le Pathologique (The Normal and the Pathological)
Excerpts and Quotes: