Cours 1 : Cynthia Fleury et Frédéric Worms – Éléments introductifs notionnels

Cours 2 : Cynthia Fleury – Éléments introductifs notionnels 2/2

Cours 3 : Cynthia Fleury – Autour de L’incorporation de l’hôpital dans la technologie moderne

Cours 4 : Frédéric Worms – Autour de Platon

Cours 5 : Frédéric Worms – Autour de Rousseau

Cours 6 : Frédéric Worms – Autour de Canguilhem 1/2

Cours 7 : Frédéric Worms – Autour de Canguilhem 2/2

Cours 8 : Frédéric Worms – Autour de Ricœur

Introduction to the concepts

Introduction to philosophy in the hospital with Cynthia Fleury and Frédéric Worms

The rise of neuroscience: should we talk about de-subjectification?

Renaud Jardri – Hallucinating the world: how our brain recreates the world

Astrid Chevance – The forgotten realms of psychiatry: the brain at what cost?

Cynthia Fleury – Psychological trauma

Bernard Golse – Is it all over one day?

What is restraint in psychiatry? – Charles Alezrah

Luc Faucher – Language: a space of freedom and constraint

Anaëlle Touboul – Psychic disorders as reflected in the novel: contributions and perspectives of literary fiction

Cynthia Fleury and Antoine Fenoglio – What shape should democratic regulation take?


Antoine Fenoglio and Alexandre Pennaneac’h – Design and Democratic Regulation


The societal subject and the sick subject – Philippe Nuss

Singular subject or social subject: who falls ill and who needs to be treated? Illness concerns each and every one of us. It affects both singular and social identity. Indeed, illness affects the subject not only in the uniqueness of his or her existence but also in the social group to which he or she…

Philippe Cabestan – What phenomenology for psychiatry?

Dans le Gai savoir, Nietzche fait annoncer à « l’Insensé » la mort de Dieu. Philippe Cabestan utilise cette référence pour mettre en avant l’idée que la psychanalyse est morte. On peut s’interroger sur le discrédit de la psychanalyse.

Activity reports

Depuis 2016, la Chaire de Philosophie à l’Hôpital a créé un dispositif socio-thérapeutique, réunissant les humanités scientifiques et le monde du soin et de la santé, intitulé « French Care ».

Philosophy & design from a care perspective: why and how? Introduction to “Design with care”


Session 2 – A tentative historiography of “Design with care” 1/2


Session 3 – A tentative historiography of “Design with care” 2/2


Session 4 – Study of Charlotte Perriand, a politically engaged designer who left her mark on the 20th century


Session 5 – Imagining Design with Care


Session 6 – Design with care and public policy