The Ethics of Care (Winnicott, Gilligan, Tronto, etc.) have taught us about the non-reducible dimension of care in the field of medicine. “Caring” is a comprehensive act, which, when associated with “design”, uses the concept of “vulnerability” as a cornerstone of its conceptual approach. Since the emergence of design (1870), it has constantly incorporated into its practice the notion of the chronic vulnerability of environments (individual, social, political, natural). The “Design with care” seminar explores the issues and methodologies related to “proof of care” (Fleury, Fenoglio), in different fields: nature, the city, the world of economy and business.

Session 1 : Cynthia Fleury and Antoine Fenoglio – Philosophy & design from a care perspective: why and how? Introduction to “Design with care”

Session 2 : Cynthia Fleury and Antoine Fenoglio – A tentative historiography of “Design with care” 1/2

Session 3 : Cynthia Fleury et Antoine Fenoglio – A tentative historiography of “Design with care” 2/2

Session 4 : Jacques Barsac – Study of Charlotte Perriand, a politically engaged designer who left her mark on the 20th century

Session 5 : Nicolas Nova – Imagining Design with care

Session 6 : Stéphane Vincent – Design with care and public policy

Session 7 : Isaac Getz – Vers un business model du care (no recording available)

Session 8 : Anthony Masure – Cognitive capitalism and attention economics: towards a one-way design?

Session 9 : Marion Waller – Design with care and natural environments