Seminars at Sainte-Anne – Year 1

Seminars at Sainte-Anne - Year 1

How can the philosophical and psychiatric theories about the subject help us to consider the place of the human being, his role, his interactions with the institution, or his involvement in the city? How can we care for him/her when the feeling of the erosion of self is reinforced by new or revived psychological or social alienation? How, within the hospital, at the heart of the world of health and illness, can we think about the superior quality of the subject when he or she is vulnerable, sometimes scarred by trauma, and insecure in his or her individuation processes?

Lionel Naccache – Consciousness and Narrative Identity

Social alienation and its contemporary manifestations

In today’s society, what makes the subject disappear, turning him into "other", "foreign to himself"? [...]

Asperger’s Syndrome, what it says about the subject

Whether thought of in terms of Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), [...]

The Althusser case or the erasure of the subject

In The Future Lasts Forever, philosopher Louis Althusser attempts to justify the murder of his [...]

Montaigne, a modern subject

Technology allows us to observe the brain like never before, but just what is the [...]

Philippe Cabestan – What phenomenology for psychiatry?

Dans le Gai savoir, Nietzche fait annoncer à « l’Insensé » la mort de Dieu. Philippe Cabestan utilise cette référence pour mettre en avant l’idée que la psychanalyse est morte. On peut s’interroger sur le discrédit de la psychanalyse.

The societal subject and the sick subject – Philippe Nuss

Singular subject or social subject: who falls ill and who needs to be treated? Illness [...]

What is restraint in psychiatry? – Charles Alezrah